3338 Trickum Road
Woodstock, GA30188
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Citizens of Woodstock, GA are noticing our bright, new center at 3338 Trickum Road, just off Highway 92. The welcoming entrance is just a preview of the colorful classrooms and exciting possibilities that await your child inside.


Children from six weeks of age through preschool are offered the highest quality child care and education in our state-of-the-art center. High-tech security systems and specialized sanitary procedures protect their health and wellbeing.  Each child is encouraged to develop at a comfortable and fun pace using our curriculum designed by the National Academy for Educators and Caregivers.


The learning potential of a young child is almost limitless. Our specially designed curriculum focuses on areas such as fine and gross motor skills, social/emotional growth, cognitive and language skills, and sensory experience. As children grow, they engage in age-appropriate activities that promote mathematical readiness, language development, social awareness, understanding of science and technology, and artistic expression. Learning happens through hands-on projects and fun activities that accommodate individual differences. Make Believe Boulevard®, our miniature Main Street, USA, encourages children to imagine what they can become through dramatic play. Everything we do is meant to demonstrate that learning is a positive, rewarding experience.


We are building a staff of experienced teachers who love seeing the children's eyes light up with each new discovery. They provide regular updates to keep parents informed about their child's activities and progress.


We also pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our center. Not only do we provide the cleanest, most well equipped facilities we also utilize ActivePure technology to ensure the air our children breathe is clean and safe! ActivePure was developed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and kills germs on surfaces across the room and gets rid of odors!


We know that childcare is an absolute necessity for many parents. We also know that finding the right childcare can be time-consuming and disruptive. We want to give parents the comfort of knowing their children will be safe and happy while developing the foundational skills for a productive life.

When we began this venture, we established our three guiding beliefs as the foundation of our business:

  1. The child always comes first. The safety and nurture of each child is our foremost responsibility.
  2. Respect for all. We will extend respect to everyone with whom we come in contact, including each child, parent, employee, and supplier.
  3. Excellence in everything we do. We expect to know what constitutes excellence and actively seek to achieve it.


Come in and see what we have to offer in Woodstock. We are open from 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday through Friday. Tours are also available evenings and weekends by appointment.